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About AJL Tracks


Here at AJL Tracks our three main priciples are QualityService and Value. Our products are made by some of the most experienced and skilled machinists in the country. We only use the best 610g PVC on the market from the leading Coating Applications supplier. Our inflatables and PVC meet the BS3424 standard, and tested to flame resistance BS 5438 Test 2A. With almost two decades in this industry we know the importance of providing quality products. The large majority of our work is from repeat business. We double stitch our inflatable products with rot proof nylon, and quadruple stitch in any stress points to maximise the life of the unit.

After sales service is very important and is treated as such at AJL Tracks. We have receptionists on the phone lines and emails for more than 12 hours a day to answer any questions you may have. Given all of our products are made in the UK, should you ever need a repair in the future, or a bespoke product making quickly, or a replacement fan, we can provide them services instantly. A lot of tumble track companies import their products from China or the USA which is great if your only buying on price alone, but not so great when you have to send your product to the other side of the world if you have a problem. With that scnerio any warranty provided is pretty much worthless if you have the expense of shipping it and waiting 2 months to get it returned. We can normally turn our repairs over within 72hrs. That means collection from your door on Monday and returned to you by Thursday latest. We are that confident in our products, our tumble tracks and catchers come with an amazing 5 years warranty and our fans have a 2 year warranty.

We are constantly checking around the Internet at our competitors prices and try to complete where possible. We don't want to devalue our products because we believe they are the best in the industry. Remember that this product needs to last you years so don't compromise on quality and service for the sake of loose change. There are some blue chip companies that have come to us for their inflatable products such as ITV, McDonalds, Burger Kind, Abu Dhabi Royal Family, Lloyds TSB, Coca Cola and Hilton Hotel Group to name a few. We have a saying here at AJL Tracks - You wouldn't spend thousands on a car without seeing it first - so why spend thousands on a tumble track without seeing it beforehand. If your looking to purchase any of our products, we welcome you to our factory to see our true craftsmanship at work. Send us an email to arrange an appointment. If you don't have the time or means to come to us, we can always forward some references over to you from past and current customers.

If you do have any questions, feel free to contact our help line on 0151 487 3336 (+44 151 487 3336) or email info@ajluk.com